Ace House

Communication and Public Relations Specialists

AceMethod ACE House will support your establishment with solutions based on an integrated communication strategy that takes your marketing and public relations needs into consideration for maximum impact.
We will consult closely with you to develop and implement a communication strategy tailor-made to suit your specific needs, as they relate to your target audiences.
This approach allows you to concentrate on your core activities in the secure knowledge that your marketing and public relations activities are managed by professionals with a proven record of success.

ACE House works with you in a number of different working modes depending on your needs:

♠ Capacity Building

Empowering your brand or message ambassador to develop a relevant and convincing message and communicate it effectively

♠ Institutional Support

Establishing a communication function within your organization and empowering it to provide professional support for the message/ brand ambassador through communication tool development (speech writing, preparing background fact sheets and press releases, and media liaison)

♠ Turnkey Solution

Providing a fully outsourced communication solution from conceptualization to implementation

♠ Consultancy

Providing high level consultancy

♠ Program Support

Ad hoc support in building or implementing specific communication programs

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