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Communication and Public Relations Specialists

For a good communicator to be successful, he needs the support of a good communication office.
ACE House has extensive experience in providing institutional support for communication teams to empower them to support the spokesperson with:

a. Speechwriting:

If you need to make public appearances regularly, it would be worth investing in training your staff in effective speechwriting techniques.

b. Preparing media kits:

A well prepared background fact sheet and press release go a long way to delivering your message faithfully and comprehensively through the media. ACE House specializes in training communication staff in drafting and utilizing these communication tools for maximum impact.

c. Presentation building:

Building a good presentation requires special skills and techniques, which make the difference between winning or losing your audience. ACE House trains your staff to build a compelling presentation every time, and to work with you to deliver it most effectively.

d. Media liaison:

Successful communicators do not wait for opportunities to arise; they create them either in a formal setting or through choreographed spontaneity. ACE House trains your staff to liaise effectively with local or international media to set up the perfect media availability and ensure that your message receives prominent coverage each time.

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