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One of the most difficult tasks is to take a complex idea and condense it into a simple message.
Founding Partner Ali KASSAY applies the best American and European techniques in coaching private and public sector spokespersons to develop simple, clear, and convincing messages that express the complexity of their corporate message, and communicating these messages effectively through:

a. Media events:

With a well built and delivered message you can reach millions of people through a press conference, interview, or statement to the media. ACE House helps you realize the best results from your interaction with the media.

b. Public speaking:

A public speaking occasion is an opportunity to deliver your message to a select audience. A successful speaker is able to inspire and motivate his audience. Whether they are specialists or a general audience, ACE House helps you develop your message to capture and retain their attention to achieve the impact you desire.

c. Presentation:

A presentation is more focused than a public address. It focuses less on the heart and more on the head, but with the same objective: to inspire and motivate your audience so that they look forward to joining the venture you propose. ACE House helps you tailor your message to persuade your audience.

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