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Copywriting & Editorial
Comte de Buffon – famous French 18th century author - once said that writing well means thinking well, feeling well, as well as presenting wel
ACE House specializes in developing core messages that have the desired impact on the target audience. These core messages are at the heart of every editorial piece, promotional material or speech that ACE House develops with passion and purpose. Our copywriting and editorial services include:

a. Speechwriting:

ACE House offers CEOs and spokespersons speechwriting and presentation development services in two languages (English and Arabic) and coaching in speech delivery.

b. Website micro-content:

Writing online is very different from composing /constructing content for printed materials, since surfers tend to scan instead of read in the internet, skipping what they think is unnecessary information and hunting for what they really want. ACE House brings to your service the skills needed to load paragraphs with keywords for Search Engine Optimization, while making sure that their composition makes smooth and comprehensible reading.

c. Corporate literature development:

No communication activity can be complete without good corporate literature, which includes brochures, flyers, promotional material, and annual reports. With over 30 customers at the international regional and local levels, ACE House has perfected an internal procedure that includes several layers of editing and proofreading to makes sure that that the final piece, delivered in Arabic, English and French, is word perfect each and every time.

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